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Workforce Development

Developing the next generation of Public Health Leaders!

Empower your organization's public health professionals with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to make a tangible impact within their organization and in the community. Umemba Health supports organizational and community initiatives by equipping public health professionals with customized training solutions. We offer a wide range of training services, including core skills and competency training, skill-building, and team-building workshops, and leadership development and coaching programs.








Professional Development

Designed exclusively for public health professionals, our professional development training is offered virtually or in-person to help staff develop essentials skills and improve job performance. CE Certificates provided for most training.

Team-Building or Skill-Building

Our team-building workshops foster collaboration, communication, and cohesion. Our skill-building workshops are designed to help your staff stay current and up-to-date on industry trends.


Leadership Development and Coaching

Your Influence = Your Impact!

Our signature workforce development program helps your leaders master the art and science of influence for lasting impact. Signature topics include Influential Communication, Influential Relationships, and Influential Leadership.

Other Ways We Can Support Your Organization

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