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Consulting Portfolio

Umemba Health provides expert workforce development consulting solutions to guide your organization toward operational excellence. From project management to program development, we provide services tailored to your specific needs, challenges, and strengths. Let us help you implement strategies to enhance your organization's performance. Below is a snapshot of consulting services that we have provided to previous clients.


Program Development

Umemba Health was hired as an External Consultant and Subject Matter Expert over a six-month period advising the California Black Health Network on the design, implementation, and evaluation of a culturally tailored diabetes outreach, education, and engagement program for Black Californians. 

CE Accreditation Consulting

Umemba Health serves as the Continuing Education Accreditation Consultant responsible for maintaining the continuing nursing education (CNE) and continuing medication education (CME) accreditation at Signify Health.  Duties also include advising the organization on best practices related to continuing education activities.

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Program Development

Hired as an External Consultant, Umemba Health advised the non-profit organization Diversity in Diabetes on the design, implementation, and evaluation of their virtual diabetes education program.

Subject Matter Expert

Umemba Health was hired as a Faculty SME for a Community Health Worker ECHO presented by the American Academy of Pediatrics in partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation. The purpose of the ECHO was to help CHWs enhance their capacity around discussing and managing seizures and associated comorbidities, specifically among those working in the medically underserved areas/populations. Duties included participating in all 8 CHW ECHO sessions and serving as a discussant/respondent.

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Spanish Curriculum Adaptation

Umemba Health was hired as an External Consultant to review the Epilepy Foundation's Community Health Worker’s Training Curriculum and provide recommendations for Spanish curriculum adaptation.

Consulting Services for Organizations

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