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Highlighted projects on this page reflect the type of consulting services that we provide. Other consulting services available upon request. 

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Online Course Creation & Spanish Curriculum Adaptation

Converting CHW ECHO recorded sessions into an on-demand course for the Epilepsy Foundation. Duties include developing course resources, learner engagement activities and assessments, determining curriculum adaptation needs, conducting focus groups, identifying curriculum elements requiring adaptation, selecting instructional methods and implementing curriculum adaptations. Project is ongoing.

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CHW Core Competency Training 

Provided CHW core competency training for Project Hope client organizations located across 11 Free and Charitable clinics located in Texas. A virtual hybrid training course was provided to 22 participants who are now eligible to become certified as Community Health Workers in Texas. Project has concluded.


Curriculum Development
and Workshop Facilitation

Orchestrated the design and implementation of the Medical University of South Carolina's Keeping Each other Engaged Program via IT CHW (KEEP IT CHW) Training. Specific duties included the development of a 16-hour CHW training curriculum and facilitation of 3 4-hour training workshops. Project has concluded.

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Curriculum Development

Provided overhaul and update of Oregon's Community Health Worker Association's (ORCHWA) Community Health Worker foundational certification curriculum. Project entailed independent research and identifying effective materials/approaches to adult learning and retention, and performing administrative work required to transition the new curriculum into their new infrastructure. Project has concluded.

Workforce Development

Provided organizational training for the Unified Government Public Heath District. A total of three workshops were provided over virtual meeting facilitation topics. The goal of the workshops were to improve the staff's ability to effectively facilitate virtual meetings. Project has concluded.

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Program Design & Implementation

Integral to the launch of Diversity in Diabetes' Virtual Diabetes Education Program; consulting provided included program design with CHW integration, community outreach, partnership development, creation of the bidirectional referral process, operational workflows, advice on technology, and ongoing staff training. Project has concluded.

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