About Us 

Our Mission

To improve the health of individuals and communities by equipping the healthcare and public heath workforce though continuing education and professional development training. 

Our Philosophy

 We believe that front-line health workers are the heart and soul of healthcare and public health.


We believe health workers have incredible expertise and by empowering them through online learning and virtual training, we make a larger impact on the world to save and improve more lives. 

We believe healthcare and public health education can be made accessible and affordable to all learners by creating exceptional learning experiences using digital tools.

We believe in education and training that provides an interactive, engaging experience so learners can quickly achieve results that are easily replicated in the real world.


We believe investing in front-line health workers is a win-win for everyone producing positive results for workers, employers, and communities.  

Our Solutions


Continuing Education for Individuals through Umemba Health Academy


Workforce Development Training for Groups and Organizations


Consulting  and Technical Assistance for Healthcare Systems

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