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Quisha Umemba


"Quisha Umemba is the quintessential go-to for public health and population health strategies that support workforce development and organizational performance."

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As the CEO of Umemba Health, Quisha Umemba (pronounced "Kwee-shuh oooMEMbuh") brings over 20 years of diverse experience to her roles as a Registered Nurse, Public Health Consultant, and Entrepreneur.


Boasting multiple certifications and an impressive work history, Quisha has developed, implemented, and overseen numerous health initiatives and community collaborations throughout her career. Quisha has worked as a Disaster Response Nurse Leader for the American Red Cross, a Clinic Coordinator for an outpatient endocrinology clinic, a Chief Nurse and Program Manager for a local health department, a Diabetes Nurse Consultant for a state health department, an RN Care Manager for a Federally Qualified Health Center, and a Clinical Programs Training Specialist for a value-based care consulting agency.

A nurse with a public health background, Quisha has a multifaceted, blended expertise that enables her to design unique curricula and training programs with multi-level interventions. Specializing in Workforce Training and Development, her work focuses on equipping the public health workforce and her training approaches blend conventional, experiential, and transformational methods to create engaging educational content, delivered across various platforms. These distinctive training approaches have earned her the moniker "The Trainer's Trainer."

As the CEO and Owner of Umemba Health, Quisha helps public health organizations and healthcare systems to educate their frontline workforce, empower their leadership, and expand their community presence.

As the Principal for Quisha Umemba Consulting, she teaches "helping professionals" to monetize their skillset so they can build, launch, and scale a profitable public health consulting business using her proven step-by-step system.

In addition to being an expert facilitator and trainer, Quisha is a devoted servant leader and health equity advocate with the exceptional ability to collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and community stakeholders. An advocate for health equity, her life's mission is to empower, educate, and transform the lives of others. 

If your organization is in need of workforce development consulting and training, get in touch through the link below.


If you are interested in business coaching and mentoring, you can find more information here.

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I'm looking forward to partnering with you and I'm exited to connect! -Quisha

Quisha Umemba ("Kweeshuh ooMEMbuh")

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