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Why Curriculum Licensing is a Smart Investment for CHW Employers

Ensuring community health professionals are well-trained and equipped with the latest knowledge and skills is paramount. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through curriculum licensing. Here are 7 reasons why licensing a proven curriculum is a smart investment for organizations that employ Community Health Workers (CHWs):

1. Quality Assurance

When you license a curriculum, you’re investing in a program that has already been developed, tested, and refined. These curricula are often created by experts in the field who understand the unique challenges and needs of the professionals being trained. In this case, Community Health Workers. By choosing a licensed curriculum, you ensure that your training program meets high standards of quality and is aligned with best practices.

2. Time and Cost Efficiency

Developing a comprehensive training curriculum from scratch can be time-consuming and costly. Curriculum licensing allows organizations to bypass the lengthy development process and avoid the significant expenses associated with creating educational materials. This means you can implement your training program more quickly and efficiently, making the most of your resources.

3. Standardization and Consistency

Licensed curricula provide a standardized approach to training, ensuring that all CHWs receive the same high-quality education regardless of where or by whom they are trained. This consistency is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the CHW role and ensuring that all workers have the same foundational knowledge and skills.

4. Access to Expert Support

Many curriculum licensing packages include ongoing technical assistance and support from the curriculum developers. This can be invaluable as you implement and adapt the curriculum to fit your specific needs. Having access to expert advice ensures that your training program runs smoothly and effectively.

5. Flexibility and Adaptability

While licensed curricula provide a solid foundation, they are also designed to be flexible. Organizations can adapt the content to better suit their specific context, needs, and goals. Whether you need to translate materials into another language or tailor lessons to address local health issues, a licensed curriculum can be customized to meet your requirements.

6. Enhanced Training Outcomes

Investing in a licensed curriculum can lead to better training outcomes. With a well-structured, evidence-based program, CHWs are more likely to retain information and apply their skills effectively in the field. This ultimately leads to improved health outcomes for the communities they serve.

7. Supports Health Equity

Licensed curricula, like Umemba Health's "Essentials" curriculum, often emphasize health equity and the reduction of health disparities, key goals in public health. By using a curriculum that addresses these issues head-on, organizations can better prepare CHWs to work in diverse communities and advocate for vulnerable populations.

License our CHW Training Curriculum

Umemba Health’s CHW Training Curriculum, approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services, was designed to build the skills and competencies that CHWs need to promote health equity and reduce health disparities at the individual, family, and community levels.

The Essentials CHW Training Curriculum can be used in diverse settings with diverse learners, both in-person and virtually. You can use our curriculum as a stand-alone, or along with other CHW training content. You can even translate our curriculum into other languages!

Curriculum Licensing Features:

  • 25 modules (topics)

  • Health equity-focused

  • Aligned with the national standards for CHW core competencies

  • All modules include lesson plans, slide decks, learning activities, and suggested homework assignments.

Curriculum Licensing Benefits:

  • Lifetime license

  • Instructor implementation training

  • Ongoing Technical Assistance


Licensing a curriculum is a strategic move for public health organizations looking to enhance their CHW training programs. It provides assurance of quality, saves time and money, ensures standardization, offers expert support, and is adaptable to specific needs. Most importantly, it leads to better training outcomes and supports the overarching goal of promoting health equity. Investing in a licensed curriculum is not just a smart choice—it’s a commitment to excellence and a brighter, healthier future for the communities you serve. If your organization would like more information about licensing our CHW curriculum, our website for more information and get the process started today.

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