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CHW Trainers Leading the Way

Umemba Health is developing the next generation of CHW leaders using a Training-of-Trainers (T-O-T) approach. Read on to find out about Train the CHW Trainer™.

According to, there are approximately 60,000 CHWs currently employed in the workforce. This number is growing by leaps and bounds because of the crucial roles CHWs served during the COVID-19 response, as well as the financial backing of major public health organizations committed to ensuring that more people are trained and hired as CHWs. As more Community Health Workers are needed in the public health workforce, more CHW Trainers are needed to support CHWs with ongoing education and professional development.

What is a CHW Trainer?

A CHW Trainer is an individual approved to provide instruction and training in one or more of the core competencies for Community Health Workers (CHWs). At Umemba Health, we help CHW Trainers contribute to the larger goal of enhancing community health through the ongoing education and support of Community Health Workers.

Who should be a CHW Trainer?

Community Health Workers (CHWs) with training experience as well as for healthcare trainers, health educators, CHW supervisors, and program managers can all be trained as CHW Trainers. Additionally, professionals with a foundation in Public/Community Health will also find this training highly relevant and beneficial. For those already training CHWs, they should strive to become Master CHW Trainers.

What is Train the CHW Trainer™ (TTCT)?

Train the CHW Trainer™ is a one-of-a-kind series of training solutions developed by Umemba Health and designed for individuals that aspire to elevate their skills in community health training to develop the next generation of Community Health Workers. Train the CHW Trainer features courses, workshops, products, and services designed to transform aspiring and current CHW Trainers into Master CHW Trainers. During the month of September, Umemba Health will offer live webinars for those interested in learning more about community health training. Save your seat at our upcoming events to learn more:

  • September 8 at 12

  • September 8 at 12pm CST

  • September 22 at 12pm CST

  • September 29 at 12pm


About Umemba Health

Our mission is to transform public health through comprehensive workforce development. We are developing the next generation of public health leaders, one professional at a time! Find out how we can educate your workforce, empower your leaders, and expand your community presence by visiting

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