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Standardizing Training Excellence

Enhance Your Community Health Worker Training Program with our CHW Training Curriculum.

Community Health Workers (CHWs) are pivotal in promoting health equity and reducing health disparities. Ensuring CHWs are well-trained and equipped with the necessary skills is essential for maximizing their impact. One effective way to achieve this is through the use of licensed training curricula. Licensed training curricula provide numerous benefits that can significantly enhance CHW training programs, including standardized content, evidence-based practices, and comprehensive training materials. Here’s how these aspects can improve CHW training outcomes.

Standardized Content

One of the primary advantages of licensed curricula is the provision of standardized content. Standardization ensures that all CHWs receive the same high-quality education, regardless of where they are trained. This consistency is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the CHW role across different regions and organizations. The Essential Community Health Worker Training Curriculum by Umemba Health aligns with national standards and is designed to be used in diverse settings with diverse learners. Whether delivered virtually or in person, this curriculum ensures that all CHWs receive uniform training, which is fundamental in promoting uniformity in CHW services and competencies.

Evidence-Based Practices

Licensed curricula are often developed by experts who incorporate the latest evidence-based practices into their training materials. This ensures that CHWs are not only learning theoretical knowledge but are also equipped with practical skills that are backed by current research and best practices. Our Community Health Worker Training Curriculum covers 25 modules across core, intermediate, and advanced topics. Each module is designed to foster interactive and dynamic training sessions, emphasizing adult learning principles and popular education. This approach helps CHWs apply their learning effectively in real-world situations, thereby enhancing their preparedness and effectiveness in the field.

Comprehensive Training Materials

The inclusion of comprehensive training materials is another significant benefit of licensed curricula. When developed correctly, these materials often include detailed lesson plans, PowerPoint slide decks with corresponding scripts, discussion questions, activities, and suggested self-study assignments. For instance, our Community Health Worker Training Curriculum offers meticulously prepared lesson plans that serve as a starting guide for CHW instructors. The curriculum also includes engaging activities and assignments designed to reinforce learning and ensure that CHWs can apply their knowledge practically. Moreover, the flexibility to supplement the curriculum with handouts and ancillary materials allows for customization to meet specific learning needs.

The Essential Community Health Worker Training Curriculum

The Essential Community Health Worker Training Curriculum developed by Umemba Health is a prime example of how licensed curricula can enhance CHW training programs. This curriculum is designed to build the skills and competencies needed to promote health equity and reduce health disparities at various levels. It is structured to be delivered flexibly, accommodating both stand-alone and supplementary training scenarios. The curriculum's detailed lesson plans and interactive components ensure that CHWs are not only trained effectively but also engaged throughout the learning process.

Umemba Health, through its virtual campus Umemba Health Academy, is dedicated to elevating the multidimensional skillset of the front-line workforce. Our mission is to increase workforce readiness for CHWs through competency-based instruction. By licensing our comprehensive curriculum, organizations can ensure that their CHWs are well-prepared to meet the demands of their roles and make a meaningful impact in their communities.


Investing in a licensed curriculum for CHW training programs is a strategic move that can lead to significant improvements in training outcomes. Standardized content, evidence-based practices, and comprehensive training materials are key elements that contribute to the effectiveness of licensed curricula. The Essential Community Health Worker Training Curriculum by Umemba Health exemplifies these benefits, providing a robust and flexible training solution that prepares CHWs to excel in their roles. For organizations looking to enhance their CHW training programs, licensing a proven curriculum like this is a smart and impactful choice. If your organization would like more information about licensing our CHW curriculum, visit our website for more information and get the process started today.


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