Community Health Solutions

Community-driven approaches to improve health

Umemba Health is the "one-stop shop" for community-driven approaches that improve the health of individuals and communities. We work to improve public health and population health practices by supporting individual development and organizational performance that drives healthy change within communities.

Consulting Services

Our consultants are subject matters experts in public health and population health approaches. We provide a full-range of consulting services from curriculum development, to program implementation, to clinical integration consulting, and more. 
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Workforce Development 

Our virtual workshops and training programs provide an interactive, engaging experience so your team can quickly achieve results that are easily replicated in the real world. 

CHW Training & Certification

Community Health Worker (CHW) certification and continuing education is offered through Umemba Health Academy, our virtual school for CHWs and CHW Instructors.
Our courses feature a combination of self-paced learning and live, instructor-led sessions. 
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