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Lifestyle Modification

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Virtual DSME*

Small group programs

Diabetes Self-Management Education is the foundation that helps people with diabetes learn new practices and routines related to self-management. Our DSME programs are evidence-based with a “real-world” approach.  Participants of the Virtual Diabetes Education Program attend a 4-week series of weekly live group sessions. Contact us to host a virtual series for a group at your church, civic organization or business. 

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Virtual DPP* 

Small group programs

The Diabetes Prevention Program is a program designed to prevent the onset and delay of Type 2 diabetes and associated chronic diseases like high blood pressure. The DPP, also known as a Lifestyle Change Program, has been shown to be effective in helping individuals become more active and lose weight loss.  Participants of our CDC-recognized Virtual DPP attend weekly live group sessions and have access to a mobile coaching app. Contact us to host a virtual class for a group at your church, civic organization or business.  

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Virtual CDSM 

Small group workshops

Chronic Disease Self-Management Education is designed to help instill self-confidence in the ability to self-manage chronic conditions. Managing chronic conditions require education, training in new skills, and support in order to be successful.  CDSM workshops are offered on diabetes survival skills, blood pressure management, and kidney disease education.  Workshops can also be developed on other health-related topics. Contact us to host a virtual workshop for a group at your church, civic organization or business. 

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Virtual Support Group

Online community

Humans are social by nature and not designed to do life alone. Our virtual support groups provide continued education and support through live and interactive peer sessions where participants can ask questions, share experiences, learn from another and stay accountable throughout their health and wellness journey. All of our support groups are facilitated by health and wellness experts. Contact us to host a virtual workshop for a group at your church, civic organization or business. 


James Grote

Austin, Texas

I can highly recommend Umemba Health for making the journey to better personal health a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Tasha Whitaker

Dallas, Texas

I would recommend Umemba Health to people who need an engaging, interactive educational  experience. The information is relevant and easy to follow.

Stephanie Johnson

Memphis, Tennesee

I learned how to manage my diabetes from my couch!  I never want to attend another diabetes class in person again.  No  gas, no travel, less time, less money. I love Umemba Health's programs!