Video Interview

Thank you for applying for a paid or unpaid opportunity with Umemba Health. We invite you to participate in a pre-screening interview.  From the comfort of your own home or office, simply record yourself answering the questions emailed to you in your interview invitation email.

Record Your 10-minute Video

Get started by following the instructions below


Say hello! Start your video by sharing your first and last name, how you heard about the position, and details about your current or last role and responsibilities.


Answer the questions emailed to you in your interview invitation email. Keep each response under 2 minutes.


Before you end, share why you believe you are the best person for this opportunity then close out your video. Once you have finished recording, upload  your video to your favorite video sharing site and send the link to Quisha Umemba at

Tips for Recording Your Video

  • Your video should be between 10-15 minutes long.

  • Record your video horizontally (16:9).

  • Make sure you are sitting facing your light source so that you are well-lit. Do not sit with your light source behind you—that will cause your background to be bright and you—in the foreground—will be difficult to see.

  • Use a phone stand to record your video if using your phone or use a webcam.

  • Wear something that you would normally wear to work.

  • Record one video. By recording one continuous video, instead of one video clip per question, the experience will be more genuine.

  • Choose a quiet location to record your video to reduce background noise.

  • Let your passion shine through. We encourage you to approach your video with enthusiasm and excitement. 

  • Make it your own. Be authentic and let your personality come through.

  • You do not need to edit your own video or add any captioning.

Disclaimer: The submission of your prescreening interview does not in any way authorize Umemba Health LLC, to reproduce, publish, transmit, or otherwise use such recordings, in whole or in part, whether now or hereafter developed in connection with Umemba Health LLC communication, websites, social media, and/or other materials.