Training & Consulting

Umemba Health provides a variety of virtual training options for your front-line health workers. Let us design a customized training for your health worker workforce. Inquirer about training programs or submit a request for training below.


Our training and consulting services are provided in clinical health settings as well as public health and educational settings.  We serve individuals, organizations, businesses, government entities, and health systems.  Some examples of our training and consulting programs/services are below.


Clinical Health Settings

  • Clinical Care Team Integration

  • Blood Pressure Program Training (accurate BP screening)

  • Diabetes Program Training (Diabetes education and support)

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management (Self-care concepts)

  • Patient Self-Management Supports and Community Connections (training in support group facilitation)

  • Telehealth Training (training in virtual facilitation skills)

  • Infection Prevention and Control Measures

  • Screening and referrals for Social Determinants of Health

  • Program and curriculum development

Public Health ​​Settings

  • CHW Core Competency Training

  • Public Health Concepts

  • Navigating the Healthcare System

  • Coalition-building/capacity-building

  • Behavior change and motivational interviewing

  • Program curriculum and development

Educational Settings​

  • Program and curriculum development



Virtual Workshops

Virtual Learning Series

Virtual Summits

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