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Refer Patients & Clients

Why should you refer your patients and clients to Umemba Health?



  • Our virtual small group programs are highly interactive and engaging. 

  • Each weekly session focuses on learning new self-management skills, reinforcing healthy behaviors, peer learning, and supportive coaching. 

  • Our programs help your patients gain self-confidence in their ability to control their symptoms, and control how their health problems affect their lives. 

  • We use culturally appropriate curricula that has been rigorously evaluated and found to be effective tools to help people with chronic health conditions.

  • All program participants receive access to a mobile support app so they always have access to a health and wellness specialist. 

  • Membership into Umemba Health Academy includes 24/7/365 access to on-demand, prerecorded educational content.


  • Lifestyle Change Programs like the Diabetes Prevention Program can reduce the progression of diabetes by 58% over three years.  Among adults 60 years and older, the risk reduction was 71%.

  • Diabetes Self-Management Education results in a statistically significant decrease in A1C levels and helps healthcare providers and health systems meet other national quality measures.

  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Education can improve physical and psycho-social outcomes and quality of life for people with chronic heath conditions.

  • Research shows that health coaching has a significant positive impact on patient health.  Coaching engages patients in behavior change to improve overall health and quality of life reducing the amount of medical care you may need.  At Umemba Health, we know that knowledge does not always equal behavior change, therefore we integrate virtual health coaching into most of our services.