Process Improvement

Sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction; questions answered, resources recommended, or processes talked through. Let us help you design, revise, launch, and optimize your current workflow processes. 

The Consulting Process

1. Discovery Call

The discovery call is a free 30-minute no obligation call.  It is a virtual “meet-and-greet” to determine if our services are a good fit for your needs. During the call, we will discuss you, your organization and your project goals. We want to know who you are, what you do, and what are you trying to accomplish.  We will also address what is going right and more importantly, what you feel is going wrong—your pain points.  At the end of the discovery call, we will diagnosis your problem and provide recommendations on the consulting service that best suit your needs.

2. Project Assessment and Expert Recommendations

Once we have identified your pain points, the next step involves an assessment of your projects needs. Some activities during this phase may include conducting informal interviews with customers, staff, or partners, reviewing existing business documents and processes, in-person observations, or “virtual site visits”. This phase of the consultation produces an organizational or project assessment documenting your current business processes and providing you with the best strategies you should implement to satisfy your project goals. This detailed report also includes expert recommendations and considerations for moving forward with your project. 

3. Project Plan & Proposal

Before we start the project, we will present a detailed overview that includes the project scope, desired results, timeline, expenses and fees, and other pertinent information. This step is important to ensure all needs will be met and captured before beginning your project. We will also determine if you will require high-touch or low-touch consultation.

  • High-touch consultation requires weekly or bi-weekly meetings and weekly email correspondence.

  • Low-touch consultation requires monthly meetings and infrequent email correspondence.

4. Implementation

During this phase we will collaborate in one-on-one or team meetings, and email correspondence. Consulting is accomplished via conference calls and screen shares and is made up of a pre-determined number of sessions as specified in the consulting contract. Additional consulting sessions can be purchased and customized based on your needs.

During the implementation phase, we will work with you to help you identify areas that need improvement, gaps in your process, and key features needed to streamline your processes. This information will be used to create your customized "blueprint"; a plan that will guide you as you implement your new processes and procedures.


5. Handover & Support

During the last meeting, we will refer back to the detailed project plan and make sure we have met every deliverable. From there, we will hand over all project deliverables and other related documents.

To assist in the transition of new processes, we provide 30-day support and technical assistance. This can be a done through calls, meetings, or video responses addressing your questions and helping you resolve your project-related issues.


6. Retainer services

Retainer services are available after the 30-day follow up period. Retainer services are based on the capacity of consulting staff. Retainer services can include:

  • Monthly or quarterly "check-ins"

  • Telephone/email access to consultant for questions/concerns

  • Process improvement reviews (QI & QA)

  • Other services as negotiated

These consulting services are for you if need assistance with…

  • Policy and Protocol Development

  • Workflow Redesign

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