Umemba Health, LLC (New and Improved)

Welcome to our vlog. My name is Quisha Umemba, CEO and Founder for Umemba Health, LLC and I am here to serve! If you have been following us for a while, then you know we took a little hiatus but we are back and better than ever.

Our mission is still the same; to improve the health of individuals and communities. However, how we go about this will be slightly different than before. We will still provide the same great level of service with our education, training, and consulting services but we are invested to the equipping and developing of front-line health workers which we believe is a win-win for everyone.

I am excited about our new direction and look forward to continuing to bring educational content that builds capacity and improves lives.

Click here to read our philosophy and learn more about our services.

In good health,


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