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Umemba Health Academy YouTube Channel

We are excited to announce that Umemba Health Academy now has a YouTube channel! While most of our courses and programs will only be offered inside Umemba Health Academy for our members, the YouTube page is where you will be able to find snippets and snapshots of valuable health information and Umemba Health happenings.

Our new YouTube channel will also be the home of the Umemba Health Academy podcast coming in Spring 2020. Visit our YouTube channel today and subscribe so you can access all newly uploaded content, videos, podcast episodes and more.

Umemba Health, LLC is a virtual health education and healthcare consulting agency. At Umemba Health, our goal is to improve the health of high-risk and vulnerable populations by improving access to chronic disease education and support. We envision healthcare without walls and access where it doesn’t exist. Our overarching mission is to create equal opportunities for health and make chronic disease education more accessible and more affordable for everyone, everywhere. We serve 3 categories of customers: the patient, the provider, and the healthcare professional.

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