Top 3 CHW Resources

Earlier this week, I sent you a tip on the importance of tracking your CHW-related activities. Today's tip includes the top 3 online resources for Community Health Workers. The top 3 resources you should know exist include the NACHW, CDC Public Health Professionals Gateway and the C3 Project. You can find details and links on these organizations and their resources below.

National Association for Community Health Workers –

Community Health Workers united nationally to support communities in achieving health, equity and social justice.

CDC Public Health Professionals Gateway -

Community Health Worker Resources

Community Health Worker Core Census Project-

Resources & Findings from the C3 Project

And just to throw in a bonus, I am listing my training program as a go-to resource for Community Health Workers as well! By the way, there are just 4 days left to enroll in the next class. You can find more details below.

BONUS: Umemba Health Academy Signature Course: Foundations for Community Health Workers

What will you get from my course?

  • A blending-learning environment. A self-paced course with 4 live instructor-led sessions to help you reinforce learning.

  • Virtual community. Access to private community to share information, get support, and network with other learners

  • Bonus lessons and resources. Downloadable resources to enhance learning.

  • Discounts on professional and career services

If  you found this tip helpful, then you should check out the other resources on the website and inside The Academy.

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