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Your Patients want to be healthy!

Providers, for years you’ve been telling your patients to “eat better and start exercising”...and for years it hasn't worked.

It’s not because your patients don’t want to be healthier! (In fact, they want it more than anything.) The truth is, changing your lifestyle is challenging. And doing it on your own, without support, is impossible for most people.

Your patients need support. 

They need accountability. 

They need a community that will help them reach their wellness goals so they can be the healthiest, happiest people in your office.

Umemba Health is the real deal - no insanely restrictive diets, no dangerously intense workouts and no body shaming.  Just a welcoming community of supportive peers trying helping one another strive for healthier behaviors everyday.

Our Live YOUR Best Life to Prevent Diabetes program is part of the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program and is PROVEN to help patients prevent or delay Type 2 Diabetes. 

And the best part...our programming is 100% virtual. Your clients can learn how to eat better, be more active, lose weight, and manage stress all from the comfort of their own home. 

Contact us today to learn how Umemba Health can help you by providing virtual care solutions that improve access to care, health outcomes, and patient satisfaction.