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Creating equal opportunities for health

Updated: Jan 19

As a nurse and diabetes educator, my life’s work has been in teaching and showing others how to be healthier, even when it came at the expense of my own health. With each phase in my career I grew further and further away from the “front lines”, but I have always been cognizant of the barriers that exist for many when it comes to adequate health and healthcare.

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to health and wellness, there is an illusion of help. Depending on where you live and the resources available to you, there is also an illusion of access. Health and wellness seem to be just out of reach for the unemployed, uninsured, those living below the federal poverty line, living in rural America, or members of certain ethnic groups.

This is not the way things are supposed to be…..

Umemba Health has been a long time coming. A culmination of part ministry, part calling, and partial longing to one day be able to sign my own damn checks! Umemba Health comes as a result of no longer standing on the sidelines waiting on the solution to come from someone else.

At Umemba Health, we create equal opportunities for health and make chronic disease education more accessible and more affordable for everyone, everywhere. Our goal is to improve the health of high-risk and vulnerable populations by improving access to high-quality education and support. We envision healthcare without walls and access where it doesn’t exist working to overcome systematic, institutional, and individual barriers that prevent individuals from receiving quality health education, and eventually quality healthcare. (Yes, our sights are set high).

Using virtual technology, we deliver our education and coaching services via smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops so our services can be accessed anywhere, anytime. We understand that while knowledge is a solid foundation, it is not always the catalyst for change. Therefore, we utilize teaching and coaching methods which move beyond the usual medical approach to disease management and considers the social contexts and lived experiences of the person living with chronic disease. We are evidenced-based and culturally sensitive, and we get you.

Umemba Health is currently seeking to create partnerships that promote health and disease prevention in faith and community organizations, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), rural health clinics (RHC), and more. If you work with high-risk, under served, or minority populations, we would love to help you serve your community members. Visit www.umembahealth.com to submit your partner inquiries.

My name is Quisha Umemba. I am the founder of Umemba Health and Umemba Health Academy and I am excited to share this announcement with you today. Let’s work together to create equal opportunities to health.

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