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Life Hacks for busy people that want to eat healthier (HelloFresh review)

Cooking healthy isn’t just about allocating time to prepare delicious and nutritious meals. You have to account for meticulous meal-planning, prep time, cooking, and cleaning up afterward. It’s no wonder we spend so much time eating out or in drive-thrus. Regardless of the time spent on healthy eating, I think we can all agree that healthy eating has its advantages and definitely needs to be something high on our list of priorities. Well, if you are like me then you enjoy the occasional life-hacks. Life-hacks are the tools or strategies we use every day to simplify life. In our virtual grocery store tour mini course, we discuss tricks and tips to help make grocery shopping and meal preparation less stressful and more doable. A topic we did not discuss is on meal delivery services.

A meal delivery service like HelloFresh is designed to deliver healthy ingredients to your doorstep so you can quickly (and easily) cook delicious and nutritious homemade meals, without all the hassle of planning, shopping, and prepping. I recently tried HelloFresh for the first time and this is my honest review.

A week before I signed up for HelloFresh, my baby sister asked me had I tried it. She said she came across a coupon on Instagram and wanted to try it but was convinced that she could pay less doing her own grocery shopping. When she told me the cost for 2 meals per week, I looked at her and rolled my eyes. I reminded her that as a new wife and new mother, the cost of the farm to box meals included a payment of convenience. Not only was she going to pay less than the cost of going out to eat, she also didn’t have to worry about making a grocery list, getting the baby ready, driving to the grocery store, navigating the grocery store, checking out, unloading the groceries, meal prepping, and finally, cooking. I reassured her that she wouldn’t be any less of a woman, wife, or mother by subscribing to HelloFresh to lighten her load at least a couple nights a week and she was sold! Five days later, she sent me a raving video review about HelloFresh and how impressed she was with the packaging, visuals, ease of ordering, receiving, prepping, cooking, and what’s most important to all of us, the taste of the meals.

Then I was sold. It’s funny that I wasn’t sold until I received her positive feedback although I spent so much time and energy convincing her it was the best option for her situation. I guess we are all wired that way, to advise others what’s best for them but not necessarily take the advice ourselves. But I digress…I told myself what I needed to justify what I thought was an additional expense, that I was a full-time employee, wife, mother, and now entrepreneur, and this meal delivery service would help lighten my load and I could feel good about continuing to feed my family healthy meals. (Besides, I have a husband that would rather starve than eat out at fast food restaurants, so the service would definitely get the thumbs up from him). Well, it just so happened that HelloFresh was a vendor at a local conference that I attended so I signed up for 2 meals, 3 times a week.

My first HelloFresh box arrived on my doorstep 5 days after placing my first order on the HelloFresh app. The ordering was quick and easy and I had the option to pick 3 meals from 20 different meal options.

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I, too, was impressed with the packaging. Each meal was bagged separately and the frozen items arrived good and frozen. Each meal came with a recipe card with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the meal on the back of each card. (Not pictured). Although it didn't look like it at the time that I was preparing the meals, each meal was perfectly portioned with the proper amount for the requested serving. (Actually, the chili cooked up more than a 2-person serving and my son loved it).

The meals took about 30-40 minutes to prepare each. All of the main ingredients were included, but each recipe did call for additional ingredients like salt, pepper, olive oil, or butter (thing you most likely have on hand already).

All in all, the dishes came out great. My husband and 9-year old son gave the meals 2 thumbs up. Eating for me is a mind, body, and soul experience (and I say that unashamed or embarrassed. LOL). The HelloFresh meals piqued all of my senses and I am a sucker for a pretty plate so I gave them 2 thumbs up as well.

So, is HelloFresh for everyone?...Defintely not. If you consider yourself to be an iron-chef or the family's best cook, you will probably think your kitchen skills are no match for the likes of HelloFresh delivery meals. Also, if you are feeding a large family, HelloFresh may be more expensive for your pockets than you would like. But, if your family is small and you are not the iron chef of the family....

  • HelloFresh may be good for you if you need to learn how to cook and can't afford cooking classes

  • HelloFresh may be good for you if you get tired of eating the same thing and want ideas for new recipes

  • HelloFresh may be good for you if you prefer quick meal preparation (my meals took 30-40 minutes to prepare)

  • HelloFresh may be a good option if you eat differently from everyone else in your family or you want a healthier, home-cooked lunch option to take to work

  • HelloFresh is definitely good for the busy student, worker, mom, entrepreneur that is limited on time but wants to feed their family nutritious meals

My overall opinion (and based on the taste testing of my husband and son), HelloFresh gets a thumbs up for simplicity, convenience, variety of meal options, speedy delivery, overall packaging, and for not having a contract which allows you to skip weeks or cancel at anytime.

So that's it. My first review, but hopefully not my last. I would say there is no harm in trying, so give it a try if you think this life hack could help you save time out of your day. And for my superwomen out there, don't feel guilty for taking shortcuts. You can only do so much in one day. With HelloFresh, you can at least lighten your load a couple nights a week.

If you would like to experience HelloFresh for yourself, get started today with $40 off your first box using promo code: HS-PDIEETZHR at www.hellofresh.com

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Happy Cooking and Healthy Eating!