June is Men's Health Month

With a new decade comes the opportunity to both look back and look forward. This time for both reflection and prospection gives us all a unique occasion to evaluate how we have been dealing with our health, both physical and mental. Men, especially, should take this time to do this as their health is usually not a priority as it should be. As a front-line health worker, you can help them focus on the things that matter most when it comes to their health.

June is #MensHealthMonth. This month is all about raising awareness about health issues affecting men and boys. During the month of June, it is important to emphasize the importance of men's health, regular screenings and check-ups. Join us in spreading the word.

There are lots of ways that you can celebrate #menshealthmonth. Regardless if you work in the community setting, a clinical environment, or long-term care facility, one of the easiest ways you can shed awareness of men's health is by coordinating a #wearbluefriday event as an opportunity to discuss health related topics affected by the men in the population that you serve. You can find lots of great ideas here. For even more men's health month inspiration and sample tweets, posts, hashtags and blog postings, download the Mens Health Month toolkit here.

I would love to hear about the Men's Health Month events you are planning at your organization! Drop your comments below!

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