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How to Talk to Your Doctor

More now than ever, patients need to be confident and prepared in their interactions with their doctors. Knowing how to handle medical situations and even what questions to ask will help you take control of your health and could even save your life. No one knows that more than Christie VanHorne, CEO and Founder of CVH Consulting LLC, and more recently, How to Talk to Your Doctor; a program that focuses on health literacy and inspires and educates people to be more active participants in their healthcare.

In Episode 7 of the Umemba Health Academy Podcast, Christie discusses why it's important for you as a patient to set expectations before provider encounters. "YOU are the expert on YOU" she says, "if it doesn't feel right, then its not. Reflect on your own personal values to find the doctor that's right for you."

Listen as I interview Christie on Episode 7 of the Umemba Healthy Academy Podcast as she provides more helpful tips on how on How To Talk To Your Doctor.

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