Become a Community Health Worker! (Information Session)

Interested in becoming a Community Health Worker? Watch this video to learn all things CHW!

Community Health Workers serve as a bridge between the community and the health care, government and social service systems. Community Health Workers are experts in addressing the Social Determinants of Health and CHWs are in high demand!

In this information session, you will receive a broad introduction to community health working, a overview of the CHW training and certification process, what job opportunities that exist for you as a CHW, and much more!

CHW Information Session resources referenced:

National Association of Community Health Workers

State Community Health Worker Models

Texas Department of State Health Services CHW/CHWI Training and Certification

Foundations for Community Health Workers Online Course (self-paced)

CHW Certification and CHW Certification

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Biden Plan for hiring 150K CHWS:

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