#AskQuisha "CHW-Frequently Asked Questions"

Last night, I went LIVE on Instagram and inside our private Facebook group to discuss some frequently asked questions about becoming a Community Health Worker. Some of the questions that I answered included:

"Will your program certify me to become a CHW?"

"Which do you suggest I get, a CHES certification or CHW certification?

"How can I get certified to become a CHW?"

"I am already a (fill in the blank), will the CHW beneficial to my career?"

"I'm a Medical Assistant and I work in medical records, how will getting my CHW certificate help me???"

"My supervisor is not supportive of me and won’t verify my hours needed to apply for certification!"

"What is different about your course and why do you call it a 30-day intensive?

If you have more questions about becoming a Community Health Worker, I invite you to watch the free CHW Information Session on-demand. You can also sign up to for the free mini-course to give you an idea of what to expect in the Signature Course: Foundation for Community Health Workers.

By the way, there are only 7 days left before the course launches!!!! Cart closes August 31st. See ya in the Academy!

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