2020 World Health Summit-Reflecting on COVID-19 and Moving Forward.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to its knees. Not only has it infected millions of people across the planet, it is also rapidly becoming the leading cause of death, and it has brought the global economy to a virtual stand-still.

For the past few months as most of us were home self-isolated, it gave us an opportunity to step back and take a different view on what we can do as individuals to enhance our health and have a brighter future.

The COVID-19 global pandemic made it very clear that our health needs to be a priority. Not later down the road, but right now. Research shows that many of the COVID-19 related deaths have been linked to people who are obese and have underlying chronic diseases, like hypertension and diabetes.

I am taking part in World Health Summit, hosted by Rajitha Bommakanti, founder of Healthy You Lifestyle Center. The World Health Summit will feature 20 subject matter experts who will cover a wide range of topics including how to lower your inflammatory response to improve our chance of surviving a COVID-19 infection as well as the importance of maintaining mental, physical, spiritual, and financial health.

For the latest breakthroughs and insights into food, health, and stress management from experts you can trust. I highly recommend all of you to join and take part in the summit. Ask your friends and family to participate as well. This virtual Summit is completely free. I hope you can join me for the 2020 World Health Summit-Reflecting on COVID-19 and Moving Forward.

See the speaker line up and register for The World Health Summit here

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