Virtual Care Providers Needed

We are currently looking for health and wellness specialists to join the Umemba Health team and become a part of this groundbreaking service that eliminates the access barrier to provide quality care and education for anyone, anywhere.  All positions are remote and contractor will be required to 

provide virtual education in their perspective specialty.

Umemba Health is perfect for you if:

You have an entrepreneurial spirit and desire flexibility to make your own schedule as well as the freedom to create innovative strategies for virtual (online) coaching and facilitation.


The following backgrounds are encouraged to apply: Nurses, Dietitians, Diabetes Educators, Certified Lifestyle Coaches, Health Educators, Community Health Workers, Fitness professionals)


Job-Type: You make your own schedule and host your own classes/workshops/courses/programs. Your salary is dependent upon your offered services and negotiated contracts.

Reports to: CEO

Essential Functions:

  • Possess proficiency in care related to diabetes management and other chronic diseases

  • Educate patients on the necessary lifestyle changes involved with a chronic disease diagnosis

  • Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those governing privacy and data security.

  • Provide class coverage if needed

Knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Ability to guide behavior change in others without prescribing personal actions or solutions, so that participants increase their self-confidence and capacity to make and sustain positive lifestyle changes.

  • Ability to communicate empathy for participants, who will likely have trouble and frustration at times when trying to adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle behavior changes.

  • Ability to build strong relationships with individuals and build community within a group

  • Ability to provide quality assurance for delivery of program

  • Knowledge of basic health, nutrition, and fitness principles

  • Knowledge of the principles of behavior change, including motivational interviewing techniques

  • Familiarity with public health concepts

  • Commitment to the mission of the organization

  • Flexibility to work with people from all walks of life

  • Outstanding communication and organizing skills

  • Attentive to details and data collection

  • Charismatic personality


  • At least 12 months experience working with chronic conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, and weight management.

  • Multi-state, unrestricted license

  • Professional liability insurance

  • An entrepreneurial mindset



  • Be available evenings and weekends

  • Meet home office requirements (to be explained during virtual job fair or interview process)

For more information about opportunities, email Quisha Umemba, CEO, at


About Umemba Health

At Umemba Health, our mission is to health and wellness more accessible and more affordable for everyone, everywhere.  We envision healthcare without walls and access where it doesn’t exist.  Our virtual services are intended to compliment the clinical expertise and medical advice of your healthcare provider; not to contradict, conflict, or replace them.  All programming is virtual.

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