How We Can Help

For Individuals

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes, we know that you want to change.  We also know you may have difficulty getting started and understand that there are challenges that make lifestyle change difficult.  Life and circumstances will most likely prevent you from keeping up with a wellness regimen.


At Umemba Health, we recognize your desire for a healthier and happier life and we are here to help.  We provide virtual health and wellness programs and services to get you started and stay on your health journey.  You’ll get live, virtual education and support, and 1:1 care and coaching from our team of health and wellness specialists.  Through the virtual care and virtual education platforms, you can schedule appointments or attend live classes at your convenience.  Plus, you can access nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle modification videos, and message your healthcare team anywhere, anytime.



For Organizations

Umemba Health Academy is a comprehensive virtual health and wellness company that can be accessed anywhere at any time.  Live and interactive virtual group and on-demand programming led by health and wellness experts can guide your clients towards healthy lifestyle changes.  Our programs and services can be implemented in any organization:

Employers, lower health care costs in your employee population, increase employee morale and have healthier, happier and more productive workers.

Industries, monetize a new line of service to provide your clients with 24/7 support through live classes and personalized appointments.


Faith-based organizations, is your congregation healthy?  Partner with Umemba Health to provide virtual health and wellness services for your members enabling your capacity to reach high-risk, vulnerable, minority, and often hard-to-reach populations.


For Providers

For years you’ve been telling your patients to “eat better and start exercising” and for years, it hasn’t worked. It’s not because your patients don’t want to be healthier! (In fact, they want it more than anything.) The truth is, changing one’s lifestyle is challenging. And doing it on your own, without support, is impossible for most people.  Your patients need support.  Your patients need accountability. Your patients need community.  Umemba Health is the solution.  Education and support on-demand, when and where they need it. 

If you frustrated with overhead, endless hours, and limited access to patients? Umemba Health is your answer.  Offer your patients the additional health support for disease prevention and management without having to provide the services yourself and get paid for it!


Join our Partner Program and let us provide virtual health and wellness services for your clients through our virtual care and virtual education platforms.

Virtual Care and Virtual Health Education

Umemba Health 
Live, personalized 1:1 consultation and education from health and wellness experts.

Services include:

  • Diabetes Consultation and Education

  • Chronic Disease Consultation and Education

  • Nutrition Counseling

Umemba Health 

Access on-demand online health courses and live group programs inside Umemba Health Academy.

Services include

  • Virtual Health and Wellness Programs

  • Virtual Nutrition Programs

  • Virtual Fitness Programs

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