Collaborative Care Solutions

Because managing chronic disease takes a village



Umemba Health provides clinical and professional consulting services for health care providers, federally qualified health centers, rural health centers, community health centers, faith-based organizations, and educational institutions.  


Our consultants are experts in chronic care education and management and we specialize in the care and management of persons and communities of color.


Consulting services and past projects include:

  •  Organizational assessment and recommendations

  •  Education and training

    • Seminars and Workshop

    • Coaching sessions

  • Program and curriculum development

  • Workflow redesign and development

  • Policy and protocol development

  • Mock audits and surveys

  • Diabetes Education Program Accreditation and Renewals

  • Diabetes Self-Management Education Program Implementation

  • Hypertension Management Program Implementation

  • Kidney Health Program Implementation

  • Population Health Management Solutions

  • Care Coordination for Chronic Care Managed Patients

  • Staff extension



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