Consulting Process

1. Discovery Call

The discovery call is a free 30-minute no obligation call.  It is a virtual “meet-and-greet” to determine if our services are a good fit for your needs. During our call, we will discuss you, your organization and the goals and objectives for your project.  t the end of the discovery call, we will provide you with recommendations on the consulting service that best suit your needs. If you decide to move further, we will provide you with a project proposal/scope of work.

2. Project Proposal & Scope of Work

Before we start the project, we will present a detailed overview that includes the project scope, desired results, timeline, expenses and fees, and other pertinent information. This step is important to ensure all needs will be met and captured before beginning your project. Once the consulting contract has been signed by all parties and payment has been made, the work on your project begins.

3. Implementation

During this phase we will collaborate in one-on-one or team meetings and through email correspondence. Consulting is accomplished via conference calls and screen shares and is made up of a pre-determined number of sessions as specified in the consulting contract. Additional consulting sessions can be purchased and customized based on your project needs.


5. Delivery

This phase will be carried out as specified in the consulting contract and by the agreed upon deadlines. To assist in the transition of new processes, we provide 30-day follow-up support and technical assistance. This can be a done through calls, meetings, or video responses addressing your questions and helping you resolve your project-related issues.


6. Retainer services

Retainer services are available after the 30-day follow up period. Retainer services are based on the capacity of our consulting staff. Retainer services can include:

  • Monthly or quarterly "check-ins"

  • Telephone/email access to consultants for questions/concerns

  • Process improvement reviews (QI & QA)

  • Other services as negotiated

***The consulting process may differ depending on client and project***