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CHW Instructor Training


CHW Instructor Certification Program Launches Soon!

Now accepting applications for the CHW Instructor Certification Program

The Umemba Health CHW Instructor Program places emphasis on virtual-Instructor Led Training (v-ILT) and the program is 100% virtual. The CHWI curriculum features hands-on practice (experiential learning), group activities, demonstrations, role-playing, case studies, and simulations. All live sessions will be  conducted via Zoom, on-demand self-paced modules will be completed via Umemba Health Academy


The CHW Instructor Certification Program will provides 160 hours of instruction and training with 20 clock hours in each of the following eight core competencies:

• Communication Skills 

• Interpersonal Skills 

• Service Coordination Skills 

• Capacity-Building Skills 

• Advocacy Skills 

• Teaching Skills 

• Organizational Skills 

• Knowledge-based skills 




CHWI Continuing Education

Continuing Education for CHW Instructors is offered through Umemba Health Academy. Visit Umemba Health Academy and browse our current catalog of available continuing education offerings. Umemba Health LLC is a Texas Department of State of Health Services approved provider of continuing education.
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