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Training-the-CHW Trainer

We teach CHW Trainers & Instructors how to design and deliver training curricula that facilities learning and supports CHWs in developing core competencies.

CHW Instructor Training 

Teach it! Write it! Build it!

Upcoming Course Dates

Spring 2023: February 3 - May 19

Fall 2023: August 3 - November 16

How do CHW Trainers & Instructors serve?

Community Health Worker Instructors are individuals approved to provide instruction and training in one or more core competencies for Community Health Workers. Our CHW Instructor course places emphasis on virtual-Instructor Led Training (v-ILT) and the program is 100% virtual. The CHW Instructor curriculum features hands-on practice (experiential learning), group activities,  demonstrations, role-playing, case studies, and simulations. In addition to review of the CHW Core Competencies, our course provides instruction over the following topics:

  • Adult Learning Theories  

  • Identifying Learner Needs and Professional Practice Gaps  

  • Learning Outcomes vs Learning Objectives  

  • Virtual Facilitation Skills  

  • Facilitator Role vs Producer Role  

  • Virtual Interaction and Collaboration Tools  

  • Types of Professional Development Offerings  

  • Developing a Lesson Plan  

  • Conducting Literature Reviews  

  • Evaluating Trainings

Want to learn more about our CHW Instructor Certification? Visit Umemba Health Academy, our virtual campus for CHWs, CHW Instructors, and other frontline public health professionals.

CHW Instructor training and so much more...

"I signed up for this program thinking I would learn how to be a CHW Instructor, but in reality, I’ve learned so much more and added other skills that I didn’t have, like virtual training and teaching. I recommend this program to anyone who genuinely cares about the community and wants to expand their knowledge about Social Determinants of Health and adult training." - Brenda Garza

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